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What is PBL?

Positive Behaviour for Learning, known as PBL is an evidence-based whole school system approach that:

  • addresses the diverse academic and social needs of every student to support them to be successful
  • supports students in early childhood settings through to senior years of schooling
  • enables schools to establish  a continuum of supports that are intensified to meet the needs of every student
  • is team driven, using a problem-solving approach (data, systems and practices) that engages students, parents and all school staff
  • establishes positive social expectations for all in the school community
  • provides a framework for the school and its community to collectively support the wellbeing of every student.

When implemented well:

  • students respond positively as they have been taught what is expected of them
  • staff deliver consistent responses to student learning and behaviour
  • students feel safe and cared for at school. Their parents, family and community are more involved in their school
  • unproductive and challenging behaviour can be significantly reduced for most students.

More Information on PBL

PBL Expectations

Throughout 2019 students will be involved in lessons that specifically teach and practice expectations in every area of the school. These lessons are developed by the staff and work on the premise of everybody, everywhere, every time!

Below is our 'Behaviour Expectations Matrix'. These clear expectations are taught and implemented across the school.

PBL Matrix 2


The 5Ls of listening and talking are also consistently used throughout school.

5Lsvoice levels

Marely Merits

Part of PBL involves the recognition of students doing the right thing and to acknowledge and reward students, we have designed tokens (Marley Merits) that are given to students who are doing the right thing in the playground.

Marley Merit

PBL Rewards

An important part of PBL are the reward days where students are able to trade-in their Marley Merits to participate in a choice of rewards. The students, led by the SRC, come up with a number of creative and fun activities to be included on a Reward Menu. Students may also choose to save their Marley Merits for the special end of year rewards.

Reward days will be in Week 10 of Term 1, 2 and 3. The Term 4 will be confirmed later in the year.

Bateau Bay Public School's PBL Launch

PBL was launched at Bateau Bay Public School on Friday 17 June 2016. Our students were introduced to PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) at a fun filled assembly where the school community met our PBL Mascot, Marley. If you are new to the school, please see our official launch videos and explanation of PBL.


The assembly was followed by classroom activities including a launch video made by our students and staff that introduced our school expectations and reinforced our core values:

Safe, Respectful, Responsible.


PBL Launch Video


PBL Signage

school sinage


school signs