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Extra Curricular Sport

Extracurricular sports that students can try out and participate in include basketball, cricket, Oz tag, netball, soccer, touch football, rugby league, rugby union, AFL, swimming, cross-country and athletics. 

What's On 

There is a range of competitions that students participate in. They are organised by the Primary School Sports Association (PSSA), NRL, AFL and Central Coast Oz Tag. 



School Policies

Our school has a range of policies and procedures that aim to ensure students can enjoy safe, enjoyable participation in sport. 

The Sports Committee

The BBPS Sports Committee is made up of teachers who volunteer to take on additional duties so that students can take part in extra-curricular school sport. Thank you in advance to the sports committee for giving up your lunchtimes to select and coach your teams and for the endless hours taken to organise events and complete the paperwork required for sporting excursions and carnival preparation.


Every year, trials are held by the Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) to identify students who have the potential to play as part of the Sydney North PSSA representative teams. There are representative teams for:

  • AFL
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football


  1. Bateau Bay Public School selects up to 3 student to go to the local level trial - usually the Tuggerah Lakes PSSA Zone trial.
  2. The Tuggerah Lakes PSSA Zone trial is held and the selectors pick students to progress to the next level of the trials.
  3. A combined Tuggerah Lakes and Wallarah Zone trial is held and the selectors pick students to progress to the next level of the trials.
  4. A Sydney North Trial is held and selectors pick students to become part of the Sydney North team.

NB - some sports don't have enough students eligible to warrant local zone trials. These sports usually hold either a Central Coast PSSA Zone trial or a Sydney North trial only.    

Notes for the trials are issued to students when they become available to the school. Students need to take the notes to their trials. If students don't have a note signed by the school sports coordinator and principal, they will not be able to trial.