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Religious Education and Ethics

Special Religious Education (SRE) and Special Ethics Education (SEE)

At Bateau Bay Public School SRE/SEE classes are held every Thursday at 11:30 am to 12:10pm. Roman Catholic and Protestant religious classes are offered as well as Ethics classes (where teachrs are available).

Students not attending SRE or SEE classes are supervised, however, they have no formal lessons.

About Religion and Ethics

The Education Act 1990 states 'in every government school, time is to be allowed for the religious education of children of any religious persuasion'. Special education in ethics can be offered as a secular alternative to special religious education.

Special Religious Education

Special religious education is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion. Under theĀ Education Act 1990, s. 32, government schools allow time for special religious education. It is delivered by authorised representatives of approved religious groups to students who have nominated that religion. Times for classes are negotiated with the school.

The following links provide additional information about the implementation of SRE.


Special Education in Ethics

Special education in ethics is a program in ethical decision making, action and reflection within a secular framework.

Under theĀ Education Act 1990, s. 33A, government schools provide an option of SEE to students who are not attending SRE, if it is practicable for SEE to be made available.

The following links provide additional information about the implementation of SEE.